About me

My name Anastasiya, I was born in Ukraine, which is where I studied photography for the past 15 years, I now live in Mission Viejo, California.


I specialize in child  and family portrait photography, for which my son is my motivation, he has inspired my work with children and families, convincing me that the photos of children are the most sincere and express innocence of life.

My style is simple, natural, and I take the most valuable moments from real life, like gentle hugs, a loving look, a soft smile, along with the infectious laughter of children. These are the moments that make up the essence of my images. In every photo I poor my heard and soul into these moments, therefore my work, like the work of any great photographer is unique. I would hope that when you view my photos, that they will touch your heart with the pronounced feelings that I had, while taking them. I want you to see, what I felt, in each photo.

I invite you to contact me for a personal interview and together we will be inspired to create a unique and personal photographic experience, that will endure a lifetime.

Your favorit photographer  photographer in Mission Viejo, CA

I understand that families can be diverse and have special needs. I take  special care and show extreme patients with these individuals, while  helping them to feel comfortable and included,  in their families photo  shoot.